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(Ignore if you are not Alex S.)   
12:10pm 13/11/2008
  KD Magazine:
KD is a really good gateway publication, place to get clips, resume builder, etc. I edited for them last winter and it was kind of fun, and then I was supposed to do stuff for them over the summer but the communication broke down. I think the editorial staff right now is much better. It is super easy to get involved, but you have to jump on at the beginning of the term. Don't wait for spring term because usually they are too busy with Flux to keep KD going. Usually they send an email around the j-school at the beginning of every term asking for applicants, but if they don't just go to their website and email the editor in chief saying you are interested. Actually, they may need design help right now if the fall/winter issue hasn't gone to print yet... don't really know how that works. So yeah, it's super easy and there is lots of stuff to do even if you don't have a ton of experience yet. That's what KD is there for!

Weird Blog Thing:
I got a random email from some outreach organization on campus called the "Annual Giving Program." They are trying to attract alumni who might be interested in donating money to the school. They hire student bloggers to give alumni a good idea of the sorts of things UO students are doing these days, I guess. I think the whole thing seems a little silly-- blogs are really meant to be "say anything" spaces, but clearly I will have to make my life here sound somewhat more pleasant than it actually is if I want to keep the job. Hiring is over right now, but I'm sure they will do it again next year. I will tell you if it does because I think you would be good at it.
To signify friends onlyness   
01:59am 04/12/2007
  This journal is now for Molly only, and other Molly like people (friends).

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